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We developed a detailed approach for pre – construction management to ensure the project is successful even before we break ground.



We use our experience to review utility infrastructure and make sure your facility is designed and built for optimal results. We inspect your site and/or building to review existing conditions and provide expert advice on current costs and development options. This process allows our clients to make the best possible decisions regarding site selection.


Our experienced project managers provide accurate estimates throughout the preconstruction phase. We are able to detail cost estimates to provide you with an accurate bid to prevent any un foreseen costs during construction.


Our comprehensive review of project documents identifies the proper sequencing and time allotted for each step in the building process.  We create a reliable master schedule which incorporates design, permitting, bidding, submittals, phasing, logistics, long-lead items and owner-supplied furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This schedule is used to manage the project through completion.


We work with a reliable group of pre-qualified subcontractors who have worked with us on many projects. We are always searching for qualified subcontractors to assure we continue to provide the most competitive pricing available. Our subcontractors are important to us and are a key to providing quality and competitive services.


Through our years of construction experience we have developed strong relationships with the local permitting authorities. We work diligently with our clients to best approach the permitting process and move the process along as smooth as possible.